Date:12월 27, 2015

<여름의 끝자락 Summer's Tail>

작은 섬마을. 엄마의 가출이라는 아픔을 간직한 주연은 가장 소중한 친구인 경희만을 바라보며 산다. 그러던 어느 날, 소영이라는 전학생과 그녀의 수의사 아빠가 등장하며 행복한 일상에 위기가 찾아온다.

In a small island village, there lives a girl whose heart is broken after being abandoned by her mother. To her, her best friend is the only one she can lean on. One day, a new girl moves in with her veterinarian father and everything starts to fall apart.


  • 16th Jeonju int’l film festival
  • 14th Mis-en-scene short film festival: Jury’s award  for actors, Audience’s award
  • 16th Daegu Independent short film festival
  • 7th Busan Women’s Human rights film festival: 2nd Prize
  • 2nd Pohang fine short film festival 
  • 10th London Korean film festival 
  • 2nd DMC short film festival 
  • 41st Seoul independent film festival: Best Actress
  • 9th Jeonbuk Youth Film Festival: Opening film
  • 9th Daejeon Indie Film Festival: Special Jury’s Metion (for Actress)

HD | color | 39′ 57″