Date:12월 27, 2015

<출사 The Photographers>

판자촌으로 출사를 떠난 아영. 한 할머니를 찍은 뒤로 정체 모를 호루라기 소리들이 계속 그녀를 따라다닌다. 그리고 하나씩 발견되는 마을의 이해하기 힘든 흔적들. 무언가 이상하지만 아영은 사진 찍기를 멈추지 않는다. 그리고는, 한 아이가 나타난다.

Ayoung going to a slum to take some photos. After taking a picture of a granny, weird whistles chase her constantly. She finds mysterious things one by one in the town. Feeling nervous but she never stops taking photos. Finally a boy appears in front of her.

  • 14th Mis-en-scene short film festival: Special Jury award
  • 34th Uppsala International Short Film festival: FANTASTISK FILM section  
  • 17th Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival 
  • 10th Paris Korean film festival : In competition 
  • 10th London Korean film festival 
  • 2nd DMC Short film festival 
  • 2015 Jeonbuk independent film festival
  • 41st Seoul Independent film festival 
  • 36th Blue Dragon award: Best short film
  • 2016 The Panorama of The Golden Night from the French Academy of Cinema (les César)
  • 2016 Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival : Award for Artistic Contribution
  • Gyeongnam Independent Film Festival
  • Swedish Korean Film Festival


HD | color | 16′ 10″