Date:12월 27, 2015

<엠보이 M.Boy>

2000년 1월 1일 0시. 외진 터널에서 태어난 소년은 빈 아파트에서 사마귀를 키우며 살아간다. 소년에겐 세 가지 비밀이 있다. 엄마를 알지 못하는 것, 한 소녀의 눈을 마주보고 싶은 것, 마지막으로 이상한 존재로 변해가는 것.

Midnight on the 1st of Janurary in 2000. The boy born at a lone tunnel lives in an empty apartment raising a mantis. He has three secrets. He doesn’t know his mother. He wants to look at a girl’s eyes directly. And he has been transformed into a weird thing.

  • 14th Mis-en-scene short film festival: Best Horror Film
  • 21th Aichi International Women’s Film Festival: In Competition
  • 3rd Pohang Fine Short Film Festival: In Competition
  • 2017 Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival: Grand Prix


HD | color | 26′ 19″