Genre: Horror, Action, Mystery
Runtime: 83 min.
Concept: Well-made genre omnibus

Jeonju Intl. Film Fest-Best Director
18th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival-Best Korean Short Film 
47th sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia-In competition

The most cutting-edge genre shorts, which were highly appreciated 
in numerous film festival came together. Experience the intensive violence, 
breathtaking fear, and attractive femme-fatale in this film.

HORROR <12th Assistant Deacon>

*15th Jeonju Intl. Film Fest-Best Director  
*5.4 million viewers. The original story of the biggest his horror movie in Korea, 
<The priests>.

A fancy entertainment district and a deserted backstreet behind it. 
Two priests visit a house where a girl in a vegetative state lives. 
Their aim is to exorcise a devil in the girl's body. 
But the devil attacts the fragile mind of the assistant deacon 
who has never experienced exorcism before and enhances his evil power.

KEYWORD Horror, Exorcism, Devil, Good and evil

ACTION <Marionette>

*47th sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia-In competition
-Hardcore action + Supernatural power

A mutant boy and his father hide and live in an old apartment. However, 
"THE GROUP" find them...

KEYWORD Action, Mutant, Violence, Mystery


*18th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival-Best Korean Short Film
*56th Zinebi - Bilbao International Festival of Documentary and Short Film-Grand Prize 
*47th sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia-In competition

Won-gi has no job and somehow lives with his mother in a messy house. 
One day, a mysterious woman shows up and changes Won-gi's life. 
As time goes by, Won-gi's house gets humid and moldy and the woman becomes 
pregnant with Won-gi's baby...

KEYWORD Fantasy, Mystery, sexual


Best Director Award at Jeonju Intl. Film Festival, 
Best Korean Short Film Award at Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, 
and Screening at Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia! 
<Urban Evil> is already "Quality-guaranteed" movie.

The first exorcism movie in Korea, Bloody action between a mutant boy 
and an evil force, and a new-sprung mysterious lady! 
<Urban Evil> is an "entertaining movie" for the audiences 
who are willing to have exciting experience worth 90 minutes.

Three movies, Three visions, Threefold entertainment


Genre: Drama, CHILDREN
Runtime: 75 min.
Concept: UHD TV MOVIE about pure friendship of children in beautiful scenery

A girl is sent to the country to her grandfather after her parents' divorce. 
A boy of different skin color works in a salt farm. 
A heartbreaking friendship and departure between the two young souls.

[About movie]

"Selected by Korea Government UHD contents funding program"
Beautiful scenes with Korean landscape in UHD (4K) screen

"Soft movie available for all ages" 
Fragile but innocent friendship between a girl and a boy

"Available for both TV and Theater"
Hybrid movie optimized for 16:9 on TV and 2.35:1 at theaters at the same time.

Genre: Drama
Runtime: 93 min.
Concept: A new kind of omnibus movie binding famous shorts that attracted 
much attention from Cannes and Busan.

London Korean Film Festival 2014

[Festival history of short films included]

64th Cannes International Film Festival Cinefondation-3rd Prize
16th Busan International Film Festival Official Selection
Zinebi 53 International Festival of Documentary and Short Films of Bilbao- SILVER MIKELDI FOR FICTION Award
Curta Cinema 2011 Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival Special Screening
Frameline36 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival
21th Tokyo LGBT Film Festial
2012 Mixcopenhagen LGBT Film Festival
2014 Toronto Korean Film Festival
11th Jeonju International film festivla-Jury's award
35th Seoul independent film festival-Second Prize
8th Asiana International short film festival-Best Korean Short movie award
9th Mis-en-scene short film festival-In competition
25th International Festival of Audiovisual Programs-Special Screening
2012 SapporoInternational Short Film Festival-Best student director award, Best actress award
2012 Jeonbuk International Film Festival
2012 BuDi-In competition
11th Seoul International Agape film festival-Special Invitation
Aichi International Women’s Film Festival-In Competition: Grnd prix
The deadline of a contest, "Neighbors` story" held by a community service center. 
Su-yeon, who is a petty official and in charge of the selection of the contest. 
And Tae-jun, who has a good feeling to her. 
They read a mountain of stories under lantern light at night.
[About movie]

"Meet Korean best short films in a newely organized feature film"

Cannes, Busan, ... and other film festivals all over the world. 
Korean best short films loved by audience at the festivals get together!
Prologue and epilogue added to those films create another impression beyond time.

"New generation in Korean short movies"

The most young and promising filmmakers get together for this project!
Their sweat and tears for this project was rewared by the invitation 
with Korean best films from London Korean film festival.

"Warmhearted film, Healing movie"

The movie make you calm and refreshed!
This movie showed another way to overcome common hardships in our lives.
Throbbing one sided love, coming of age, and a piece of smile.

[LAOS: In the Warmest Country]

Genre: Comedy, Indie
Runtime: 71 min.
Concept: a Weired Comedy Movie

8th Deaejeon Independent Film&Video film festival-Best Film 
Indieforum2015-20th Anniversary Special Screening 
Busan Independent film festival-Invited

Two Friends finally decide to give up shooting their graduation film. 
They plan to make money by selling multiple vitamins in Laos. 
But a mysterious taxi driver and a North Korean refugee interrupt their work 
and they get spoiled broths.

[About movie] HOT ACTOR

Hyun-Chul CHO

Hyun-Chul CHO is one of rising actor and director in Korean independent film industry.
His unique and a little bit weird image and performance have been 
loved by many filmmakers and audiences. He is also a little brother of Korean rapper, 
Mad Clown.

A short film, "Love in the Time of Allergy"(2009) which he directed and played 
attracted a lot of attention and his acting style in this movie was stamped on 
audiences' memories.
And then he acted so many roles in various independent films.

He is also famous for the performance with Heevon PARK, a Korean famous actrees, 
in a comedy movie, "Pitpat Wing Chun" whose director is Seong-ho YOON, 
one of Korean famous independent filmmakers.
Many people considered his performance in "Names(2013)" and 
"When September Ends(2013)" more enhanced. He played a wandering poet in 
"Names", which received 'Best Film Award" at 39th Seoul Independent film festival. 
In "When September Ends", he fell in love with Ji-Yeon Lim who fell in ANOTHER love 
with Seung-heon Song in "Obsessed"(2014).

Now he is beyond independent films and shows up in main stream films.
In 2012, he performed with Jungseok CHO, Suzy(Miss A) in "Architecture 101". 
In 2015, he acted a contradictory role with Korean top actress, Hye-Su KIM 
and Go-Eun KIM in "Coinlocker Girl".
His another work of 2015, "Dempseyroll: confessions" was released. 
He acted main role and co-directed it as well.

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