Date:2월 06, 2020

<우리가 꽃들이라면 We bloom>

상현은 앞을 보지 못하는 정우와 매일 함께 저녁을 보낸다.
그런 언제나의 저녁, 무슨 장면이냐는 정우의 물음에 대답하지 못하는 상현.
정우를 위해 영화의 장면을 설명하는 나레이션을 쓰기로 마음먹는다.

Every day after school, Sang-hyeon goes to Jeoung-woo’s place. Jeoung-woo is always “listening” to movies at home, because he is blind. Before moving away, Sang-hyeon starts recording a film.


  • 21st Jeonju International Film Festival
  • 3rd Jeju Hondie Film Festival: Grand Prix
  • 21st Persons with Disabilities Film Festival
  • 12th Iksan Disability Film Festival
  • 24th Vancouver Asian Film Festival
  • 10th Seoul International PRIDE Film Festival
  • 23rd Urban Film Festival
  • 7th Chinese Korean Short Film Festival
  • 5th Songpa Youth Human Right Film Festival
  • 22nd Daejeon Independent Film & Video Festival
  • 23rd Kyoto International Student Film and Video Festival: Semi Grand Prix
  • 38th Busan International Short Film Festival
  • 19th Seoul Disabled People’s Rights Film Festival


HD | color | 27′ 18″