Date:2월 06, 2020

<세이레 Seire>

아기가 태어나고 삼칠일. 아기 아빠가 장례식장에 다녀온 후, 아기가 아프기 시작한다.

‘Seire’ is a sacred period after birth of a baby, during which the family should refrain from going outside and breaking certain taboos in order to protect the baby from evil spirits. Ki Hyeok, the father of a newborn, ignores his wife’s dissuasion and visits a funeral. After that, the baby falls ill for no reason and mysterious events start to take place.


  • 19th Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival
  • 21st Daegu Independent Short Film Festival
  • 22nd Daejeon Independent Film & Video Festival: Special Mention
  • 20th Reggio Film Festival


HD | color | 26′ 36″