Date:2월 06, 2020

<보호자 A Companion>

명숙은 하나뿐인 딸이 유방암 수술을 앞두고 있다는 사실을 한 여자에게서 전해 듣는다. 찾아간 병실에서 친구인지 애인인지 모를 그 여자를 마주한다.

Myungsook finds out from a stranger that her only daughter is about to go through a breast cancer surgery. When Myungsook visits her daughter at the hospital, she meets the stranger again, who seems to be more than just friend with her daughter.


  • 8th Incheon Independent Film Festival: Audience Award
  • 20th Korea Queer Film Festival
  • 32nd Paris International Lesbian & Feminist Film Festival
  • 10th Seoul International PRIDE Film Festival
  • 2020 Incheon Cinema Roadshow in Japan
  • 8th Gwangjin Human Right Activity Film Festival
  • 33rd annual Vancouver Queer Film Festival
  • 12th Iksan Women’s Film Festival
  • 35th Festival Mix Milano
  • 14th Lobo International Film Festival


HD | color | 22′ 17″