Date:4월 20, 2017

<모놀로그 Monologue>

바닷가 마을에서 하교길을 함께 걸어왔던 소년과 소녀. 그러던 어느날 소년은 그의 옆에 있는 소녀보다 사진찍기에 더 관심이 있어보인다. 그런 소년의 모습이 불만스러운 소녀.

A boy and a girl who walked along on the beach after school.
One day, the boy looks more interested in taking pictures than the girl next to him. She is dissatisfied with him.


  • 16th Mis-en-scene short film festival: In Competition
  • 5th Incheon Independent Film Festival: In Competition
  • 4th Chuncheon International Documentary Film Festival: Narrative Shorts Section
  • 3rd Go-si-chon short film festival
  • 2nd Heyri Cinémathèqu Short Film Festival
  • 1st Gimpo Peace & Ecology Film Festival


HD | color | 9′ 14″