Date:4월 07, 2017

<곰국 Atonement>

진수, 준영, 한규는 어느 날 진수네서 자게 된다. 진수의 엄마가 곰국을 처음 끓인 날이다. ‘문화상품권’을 받기 위해 다 같이 교회에 가기로 했는데.. 엄마가 교회에 가는 걸 싫어하는 한규는 뭔가 계속 찜찜하다.

Three boys are close friends. When they are about to leave for the church to get a gift voucher, a boy’s mother holds them to feed them with beef bone soup. After finighing it, they are in a rush, and one of them hesitates to follow the others.

  • 34th Busan International Short Film Festival: In Competition
  • 16th Mis-en-scene short film festival: In Competition
  • 5th Gwangjin Human Rights Film Festival
  • 19th Seoul International Youth Film Festival: In Competition
  • 11th Jeonbuk Youth Film Festival: Opening Film


HD | color | 24′ 25″