Date:1월 17, 2017

<오제이티 OJT (On the Job Training)>

인공지능 신입사원의 실무교육을 맞게 된 만년 대리가 그 뒤에 감춰진 회사의 음모에 휩쓸린다.

An assistant manager whose promotion is long due has to train a new employee who—or rather, which—is in fact an artificial intelligence. Along the course, the assistant manager gets caught into the dark secrets of the corporation. A brand new Sci-Fi short film set in near—er than one thinks—future.


  • 16th Mis-en-scene short film festival: In Competition
  • 4th Chuncheon International Documentary Film Festival: Narrative Shorts Section
  • 20th Seoul Urban Film Festival
  • 2017 Gwangmyeong cave Internationl Fantasy Festival
  • 4th Saram Saneun Sesang Film Festival: 2nd Prize
  • 5th Gwangjin Human Rights Film Festival
  • 4th Catholic Film Festival: 3rd Prize
  • 1st Shinfilm Art Film Festival
  • 26th Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival
  • 5th SF Award: Best Film
  • Swedish Korean Film Festival
  • 4th Nordic Labour Film Festival


HD | color | 23′ 27″