Date:1월 10, 2016

<연지 Yeonji>

생일 맞은 15년 소녀, 연지는 아침부터 친구들과 바다로 놀러갈 준비를 하느라 분주하고 엄마는 친구들과 먹을 김밥을 싸고 있다. 한참 준비를 하던 중, 먼저 가서 생일 파티를 준비하고 있겠다는 친구들의 연락을 받은 연지는 설렌 마음으로 혼자 바다로 떠난다.

On birthday of 15-year-old girl, Yeonji. She is busy preparing for going to a beach with her friends and her mother is also busy making Gimbap for them. While doing it, Yeonji receives a call from her friends saying that they would go there first to arrange her birthday party. She leaves alone with big expectations.

  • Indieforum 2016: Opening Film
  • 18th Seoul International Youth Film Festival
  • 3th Pohang Fine Short Film Festival: Special Jury Award
  • 10th Film Festival for Women’s Rights
  • 42nd Seoul Independent Film Festival: In Competition
  • Gyeongnam Independent Film Festival


HD | color | 22′ 24″