Date:12월 30, 2015

<일어나기 Wake Up>

해변에서 즐거운 시간을 보내던 민희와 태선. 갑자기 알 수 없는 소리가 울리고, 모든 것이 태선의 꿈이었다는 것이 밝혀진다. 태선은 꿈에서 깨려고 노력하지만, 민희는 그를 쉽게 놓아주지 않는다.

Minhee and Taeseon having a good time at a beach. Suddenly an unknown noise roars, and it is revealed that everything was Taeseon’s dream. He tried to wake up but Minhee doesn’t want let him go.

  • 7th Seoul International Extreme Short Image & Film Fest: Opening Film
  • 11ème Festival du Film Coréen à Paris: In Competition
  • 42nd Seoul Independent Film Festival: In Competition
  • 10th Daejeon Independent Film Festival: Special Mention
  • 2017 Gwangmyeong cave Internationl Fantasy Festival
  • 16th Seoul University Avenue Festival


HD | color | 14′ 59″