Date:2월 02, 2024

<명태 Pollock>

연출 | 유이수
출연 | 강애심 변중희 김범수

추운 겨울, 완공을 앞둔 청호동의 아파트 건설 현장과 명태철을 맞이한 덕장이 분주하다. 덕장에서 일하는 영화는 동료 옥순의 아들 진철이 사라진 것을 알게 되고 그녀를 도우려 하지만, 진철의 행방을 쫓을수록 자신의 아들 석훈을 향한 의심이 겉잡을 수 없이 커져간다.

Cheongho-dong was originally an uninhabited and barren area, but after the Korean War a settlement village was founded by refugees from North Korea. Since the war, it has been a fishing center with numerous pollock fishing boats, but today pollock is disappearing due to environmental changes and the fishing industry is in decline.

It’s a cold winter in Cheongho-dong. The construction site of an apartment complex nearing completion and the pollock drying grounds heralding the fishing season are bustling with activity. When Yeong Hwa learns that her colleague’s son, Jin-chul, has gone missing, she tries to help her, but the more she tracks his whereabouts, the more her suspicions about her own son, Seok Hun, grow.


  • 28th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
  • 11th ChunCheon Film Festival


HD | color | 29′ 25″