Date:2월 02, 2024

<옥슈슈 Okshushu>

연출 | 김보민
출연 | 박현서 배도은 강단아

스마트팜에서 일하는 윤슬은 난임 휴직을 받기 위해 효림과 함께 일하게 된다. 소문과 달리 열심히 일하는 효림에게 호감을 느끼지만, 자신이 갖지 못한 아이를 가진 그녀에게 점점 미묘한 감정이 쌓여간다.

Yunseul, who works at a smart farm, suffers from infertility and has nightmares about the corn she grows. In order to take a leave for infertility treatment, Yunseul volunteers to work with Hyorim, who has a bad reputation in the company. Contrary to rumors, she takes a liking to the hardworking Hyorim, but over time she develops subtle feelings for the woman who has a child she was never blessed with.

HD | color | 25′ 36″