Date:2월 02, 2024

<그을음 What You Saw in the Forest>

연출 | 이다현
출연 | 이한중 박재휘 안도경 이석호

작은 군부대. 말하고 싶지 않은 비밀이 있는 희수. 야간근무를 설 때마다 숲에서 피어나는 연기를 목격한다.

All young South Korean men must serve in the military for almost two years. During this time, they are isolated from society, and many feel helpless in the face of changes in a “world over which they have no control.” However, some choose to join the military to escape what they cannot cope with.

In a small army unit, far away from the outside world, there is a young soldier who keeps a secret he doesn’t want to share with anyone. Every time he’s on night watch, he sees smoke rising from the forest.

HD | color | 29′ 59″