Date:2월 02, 2024

<디-데이, 프라이데이 D-Day, Friday>

연출 | 이이다
출연 | 유은미 황재하 장선

프로 야구의 열기로 뜨거운 1984년의 광주. 은주는 짝사랑하는 지태의 고교야구대회 선발전에 가고 싶다.

In May 1980, the new military dictatorship in South Korea violently suppressed the pro-democracy protests in Gwangju. The crackdown led to a ten-day massacre in which thousands were killed and wounded. The massacre was kept secret in South Korea for decades and has still not been fully investigated.

The year is 1984 in Gwangju, and the enthusiasm for the professional baseball league is heating up. Eunju, a teenage girl, wants to go to a high school baseball game where the boy she has a crush on will be playing.

HD | color | 26′ 56″