Date:1월 14, 2023

<매달리기 Gravity>

연출 | 박지인
출연 | 오진주 안다정 정유진

어릴적부터 시설에 맡겨져 자란 영선은 생일마다 엄마를 만난다. 18번째 생일을 맞이한 영선, 이제는 엄마와 함께 살고 싶다.

Young-sun grew up in a children’s home from an early age. She only saw her mother once a year on her birthday. It’s her 18th birthday and Young-sun hopes to finally live with her mother.


  • 24th Jeonju International Film Festival: “Watcha´s Pick: Short” Prize
  • 12th Gwangju Independent Film Festival
  • 18th Busan International Kids and Youth Film Festival
  • 19th Incheon Women’s Film Festival
  • 10th Mokpo National Road 1 Independent Film Festival
  • 16th Jeonbuk Women’s Human Rights Film Festival
  • 24th Jeju Women’s Film Festival: Best Film
  • 11st Seoul International Children’s Film Festival: Jury Prize, Best Actor Prize
  • 6th Jeonju International Short Film Festival: Best Film
  • 4th Beautiful Hapcheon Independent Film Festival
  • 14th Busan Peace Film Festival
  • 23rd Jeonbuk Independent Film Festival: Special Mention (for Actress)
  • 14th Gwangju Women’s Film Festival
  • 2023 Kkossim Youth Film Festival
  • 49th Seoul Independent Film Festival: Best Short Film
  • 15th ONE Country ONE Film – Apchat-Issoire International Festival


Digital | color | 26′