Date:1월 02, 2023

<목덜미 The nape>

연출 | 김유라
출연 | 장호인 민효경 정우진

교직을 그만두고 고향에 내려온 다예. 코로나로 인해 문을 닫게 된 엄마 영선의 영어학원 폐원을 돕던 중 학원비가 두 달째 미납된 학생과 마주치게 된다.

Da-ye quits her job as a teacher and returns to her hometown. She begins to help her mother, who has been forced to close the English academy she runs because of the COVID-19 outbreak, when she comes across a student who is two months behind in his payments.


Digital | color | 25′ 42″