Date:1월 02, 2023

<기형종 Teratoma>

연출 | 변정원
출연 | 전희연 이건휘

28 세 조은일. 난소에 눈과 이빨, 머리카락이 달린 종양이 살고 있다고 한다. 무엇 때문일까. 남자친구, 엄마, 여자친구는 각자 이 괴물이 생겨난 원인을 짐작하고 기형종은 말을 걸어온다.

Eun-il is 28 years old. There is a teratoma in her ovary with eyes, teeth and hair. What must be the cause? Her partner, her mother and her friend each have their own assumptions about the cause—then the teratoma starts talking to Eun-il.


  • 26th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
  • 4th GUJI Film Festival: Excellence Award
  • 12th Gwangju Independent Film Festival
  • 1st SciFian Festa
  • 4th Beautiful Hapcheon Independent Film Festival
  • 3rd Seongbuk Film Festival
  • 2023 UNICA KOREA International Film Festival
  • 10th SF Award – Best Film & Video: Excellence award 
  • 18ème Festival du Film Coréen à Paris: Prix keystonefilms du meilleur scénario (Best Screenplay)
  • 17th Lublin Film Festival


Digital | color | 25′ 11″