Date:8월 10, 2022

<두 여자의 방 A room of two women’s own>

연출 | 허지예
출연 | 이태경 강애심 허은진

살림 할 시간이 없어 집이 엉망이 되어 가는 작가 지영을 위해 청소해주려는 두 여자가 있다. 엄마, 그리고 이 집에 오랫동안 혼자 지내온 귀신 ‘무명’. 지영은 두 여자에 대한 이야기를 쓴다.

Ji-Young is a writer who has no time for housework. When her house turns into a mess, two women offer to clean it up—one is her mother, and the other is a lonely ghost named Mu-Myoung who has been dwelling in her house for a long time. Ji- Young comes to write a story about these two women.


  • 2nd Seongbuk Film Festival
  • 5th Seoul Independent Women’s Film Festival
  • 19th Incheon Women’s Film Festival
  • 12th Seoul Migrant Art Festival
  • 25th Seoul International Women’s Film Festival
  • 1st Namdo Film Festival
  • 18th London Korean Film Festival
  • 3rd Geumcheon Fashion Film Festival
  • 26th Urban Film Festival
  • 13th Seoul Barrier Free Film Festival
  • 44th Blue Dragon Award: Best Short Film Nomination
  • 1st Korea Short Film Awards: Best Director Nomination


Digital | color | 25′