Date:8월 10, 2022

<가정동 Hometown>

연출 | 허지윤
출연 | 이서한 김경희 신운섭

인천의 오래된 동네 가정동에 사는 상운. 그는 육교 너머 신도시 청라에서 일을 한다. 매일 밤 늦게 퇴근하는 상운은 누군가 매일 동네 담벼락에 써놓은 시를 읽으며 하루하루 위로를 얻는다. 어느 날, 그는 매일 바뀌던 시가 바뀌지 않은 것을 발견한다.

Sang-woon lives in Gajeong-dong, an old neighborhood in the city of Incheon. He works in the new city on the other side of an overpass. Every late evening on his way back from work, Sang-woon finds solace by reading the poems someone writes on the wall every day. One day, Sang-woon notices that the poem on the wall hasn’t changed since yesterday.


  • 7th Chungmuro Film Festival-Director’s Week 
  • 9th Catholic Film Festival
  • 2nd Daecheongho Green Film Festival: New Vision Award
  • 25th Urban Film Festival: First Prize
  • 48th Seoul Independent Film Festival
  • 12th Gwangju Independent Film Festival
  • 24th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival
  • 1st Namdo Film Festival: Jury Award
  • 8th Ulsan Ulju Mountain Film Festival
  • 18ème Festival du Film Coréen à Paris: FLYASIANA AWARD for best short
  • 2023 Diversity Peace Film Festival


Digital | color | 20′ 37″