Date:4월 26, 2022

<트랜짓 Transit>

한 저예산 호러 영화의 촬영장. 수술 이후 오랜만에 현장에 복귀한 트랜스젠더 조명 기사와 이제 막 시작하는 단계의 아역 배우. 묘하게 불편한 현장의 분위기 속에서 둘은 어쩐지 자주 마주치게 된다.
A low-budget horror film is being shot in a studio. The gaffer is a transgender who has recently got back to work after a long hiatus due to gender reassignment surgery, and the child actor is just beginning a career in acting. There is a strangely uncomfortable atmosphere in the studio, and the gaffer and the child actor run into each other more often than usual.


  • 23rd Jeonju International Film Festival: Best Director
  • 11st Gwangju Independent Film Festival
  • 22nd Korea Queer Film Festival
  • 24th Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival
  • 23rd Daegu Independent Short Film Festival


HD | color | 27′ 49″