Date:3월 18, 2022

<가을이 여름에게 From Fall, To Summer>

결혼 39년차의 미숙은 이제 결혼 생활을 끝내고 싶다. 딸들에게 이혼을 하겠다고 선언하는데, 막내 민희는 재현과의 결혼 준비가 걱정된다.

Having raised four daughters for the last 39 years, Mi-suk is ready to end her marriage. As Mi-suk declares her wish to get a divorce, her youngest daughter is worried about her own upcoming wedding.


  • 4th Seoul Independent Women’s Film Festival
  • 18th Incheon Women’s Film Festival
  • 22nd Korea Queer Film Festival
  • 2022 Dobong-gu Gender Equality Film Festival
  • 23rd Jeju Women’s Film Festival
  • 11st Wonju Women’s Film Festival
  • 22nd Jeonbuk Independent Film Festival
  • 25th Urban Film Festival: Best Film
  • 13th Gwangju Women’s film festival
  • 12th Seoul International PRIDE Film Festival
  • 12th Seoul Barrier Free Film Festival
  • 15th La Cabina International Film Festival: Best Medium Length Film
  • 15th Gyeongnam Independent Film Festival
  • Summer Pride Cinema 2023
  • 2023 Ally Youth Film Festival 


HD | color | 32′ 59″