Date:12월 09, 2021

<깜빡깜빡 Blinky>

옅은 치매를 앓고 있는 팔십 노인과 구형 로봇 청소기의 만남.

An octogenarian with mild dementia meets an old-fashioned robot vacuum cleaner.


  • 9th Chuncheon SF Film Festival: “The View of Chuncheon” Award
  • 7th Chungmuro Film Festival-Director’s Week
  • 23rd Jeju International Disabled People’s Human Rights Film Festival
  • 17ème Festival du film coréen à Paris
  • 23rd Persons with Disabilities Film Festival
  • 2nd 2030 Youth Film Festival
  • 6th Ulsan Short Film Festival: Best Screenplay
  • 10th Mokpo National Road 1 Independent Film Festival
  • 5th The East Film Festival
  • 6th Jeonju International Short Film Festival
  • 2023 UNICA KOREA International Film Festival: Gold Award
  • 27th Vancouver Asian Film Festival


HD | color | 24′ 39″