Date:1월 20, 2021

<사원증 ID Card>

인사팀 막내사원 동구는 과로사로 죽은 친구의 사원증을 반납 받아오라는 업무를 받는다. 회사의 압박으로 친구의 집까지 찾아가지만, 친구 엄마와 마주한 동구는 차마 얘기를 꺼내지 못한다.

Donggu, a rookie employee, is ordered to collect the company ID card of his colleague who recently died from overwork. Pressured by his boss, Donggu finally visits the dead colleague’s place where he runs into the mother.


  • 37th Busan International Short Film Festival: Opening Film
  • 12th ONE Country ONE Film International Festival
  • 4th Ulsan Short Film Festival
  • 18th Cheongju International Short Film Festival
  • 6th Chungmuro Film Festival-Director’s Week
  • 5th MUFF Human Rights Film Festival


HD | color | 18′ 03″