Date:1월 20, 2021

<4단지에 사는 인자 Inja’s place>

인자의 남편 태욱은 아기용품으로 인해 집이 좁아지자 육아를 위한 효율적인 공간 활용을 위해 인자의 책상을 버리자고 한다. 우연한 기회에 인자의 책상을 보게 된 베스트셀러 작가 우성은 인자의 책상을 마음에 들어하고 태욱은 인자의 책상을 우성에게 헐값에 판다.

Inja is a writer and she is pregnant. Her husband suggests they throw away Inja’s desk as their place is getting more and more crowded with baby supplies. Wooseong, a famous writer, happens to notice the desk and buys it from Inja’s husband at a bargain. Although she can’t fathom why, Inja is uncomfortable with Wooseong’s kindness.


  • 25th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
  • 17th Incheon Women’s Film Festival
  • 9th Incheon Independent Film Festival: Audience award
  • 22nd Daegu Independent Short Film Festival
  • 22nd Jeju Women’s Film Festival
  • 10th Daegu Women’s Film Festival
  • 12th Busan Peace Film Festival
  • 12nd Women’s Film Festival in Gwangju
  • 4th Seoul Independent Women’s Film Festival
  • 5th Ulsan Short Film Festival
  • 45th Poitiers Film Festival: Best Screenplay


HD | color | 28′ 30″