Date:7월 16, 2019

<안녕, 부시맨 Goodbye Bushman>

따분한 여름방학, 시골에 맡겨진 어린 형제는 부시맨 비디오를 보고 산 속에서 부시맨 놀이를 한다. 어느 날 동생 은호는 이상한 아저씨를 발견하고 함께 부시맨 놀이를 한다.

During a boring summer vacation, young brothers play “Bushman” in the mountain after watching a video, “Bushman”. One day, little brother finds a strange guy and plays “Bushman” with him.


  • 18th Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival: Best Drama Film
  • 21st Daejeon Independent Film & Video Festival
  • 6th Chinese Korean Short Film Festival
  • 9th Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival: Young Director award


HD | color | 22′ 04″