Date:1월 23, 2015

<소카이의 초여름 Kai's Pre-summer>

소카이는 선생님이 학교를 그만둔다는 소식에 선생님이 떠나기 전에 선물 하나를 주기로 한다. 하지만 선생님과의 이별보다 더 심각한 이별은 이미 소카이 앞에 놓여 있다.


Sokai finds that his teacher is quitting her job.

Sokai is so sad about that and plans to give her a present before she leave the school. In order to buy a present, he tries to do his best walking around here and there.

Finally the teacher leaves him, but he let his feeling go on his own. In fact, a bigger farewell is ahead of him.