Date:1월 23, 2015

<12번째 보조사제 12th assistant deacon>

시끌벅적한 유흥가 구석의 후미진 골목. 한 남자가 젊은 남자에게 말한다.

‘절대 쳐다보지도 말구 대답해주도 말고 듣지도 마!’


젊은 남자가 대답한다.

“걱정하지 마십시오. 모든 준비가 되었습니다.”


Two priests visit a girl being tormented by an evil spirit to perform an exorcism. But the demon’s power gets out of control, attacking the young assistant deacon.

After a successful festival circuit, this short film was made into a feature film, THE PRIESTS, and hit the Korean box office record for a domestic horror film.


  • 15th Jeonju international film festival: Best Director
  • 13th Mis-en-scence short film festival :  Best Horror/Fantasy Film
  • 9th Paris Korean film festival : Fly Asiana Award (Best Short Film)
  • 15th Daegu Short Film Festival
  • 12th Asiana International Film Festival
  • 2014 Jeonbuk Independent Film Festival
  • 2014 Catholic film festival 
  • 35th Blue dragon awards
  • 9th NexT International Film Festival in Bucharest 
  • 2015  Stanley Film Festival
  • 1st B Movie Festival
  • 1st Beautiful Hapcheon Independent Film Festival: Opening Film
  • 18th Asiana International Short Film Festival: Special Screening


HD | color | 25′ 12″