Date:8월 10, 2017

<은명 Goner>

퇴물이 되어 밀려나지 않기 위해 안간힘을 쓰는 나이 든 모델 은명, 그녀는 마지막 오디션을 준비한다.

Eun-myeong, a model by profession, is treated as a has-been due to an injury and her age. She prepares herself for an upcoming audition which may be her last chance, but her body and mind are driven to the limits.


  • 22nd Busan International Film Festival: In Competition
  • 43th Seoul Independent Film Festival: Special Screening
  • Indieforum 2018
  • 19th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival
  • 21st Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia
  • 1st GeumCheon Fashion Film Festival: Best Cinematography


HD | color | 22′ 09″