Date:1월 15, 2017

<역귀 The Ghost>

사체의 입에서 금니를 뽑아 파는 염습사 미영어느 날, 시체 안치소로 신원미상의 사체 한 구가 들어온다.

A mortician pulls out gold-capped teeth from corpses for extra cash. One night, an unidentified body is carried to the funeral parlor and the night turns into a nightmare.


  • 16th Screamfest Horror Film Festival
  • 17th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival
  • Molins de Rei Short-Films
  • 34th Busan International Short Film Festival
  • 40th Poitiers Film Festival
  • 1st Shinfilm Art Film Festival
  • Cineclass-Festival International du Film Scolaire et Universitaire
  • 2nd Swedish-Korean Film Festival


HD | color | 16′ 47″