Date:3월 06, 2016

<여름밤 Summer Night>

취업준비생 소영은 고3수험생 민정의 과외를 하게 된다. 그러던 중 민정은 소영에게 과외시간을 바꿔줄 수 없냐는 부탁을 하게 된다.

Soyoung, a college senior desperately seeking for a job and trying to make a living starts tutoring a high school girl. The girl asks to switch the tutoring schedules, but Soyoung’s situations are too complicated to do so.


  • 17th Jeonju International Film Festival: Best Short Film
  • 7th Busan Peace Film Festival: 2nd Award
  • 15th Mis-en-scene short film festival: Best Drama Film
  • 11th Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival
  • 17th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival: Best Film, Best Cinematography
  • 14th International Film Festival of Asian-Pacific countries “Pacific Meridian” in Vladivostok
  • 3rd Pohang Fine Short Film Festival
  • 11ème Festival du Film Coréen à Paris: in competiton
  • 3rd Catholic Film Festival: 3rd Prize
  • 7th Cheonan Women Film Festival
  • 10th Film Festival for Women’s Rights
  • 17th Jeju Women’s Film Festival
  • 2016 Daejeon Independent Film & Video Festival
  • 2016 Jeonbuk Independent Film Festival: Opening Film
  • 42nd Seoul Independent Film Festival: First Prize
  • 37th Blue Dragon Awards: Best Short Film
  • 12th Osaka Asian Film Festival
  • 2017 The Panorama of The Golden Night from the French Academy of Cinema (les Cesar)
  • 2017 Toronto Korean Film Festival: Best Korean Short Award, Audience Choice Award
  • 35e Carrousel international du film de Rimouski
  • 20th Seoul Urban Film Festival
  • 40th Poitiers Film Festival
  • Cineclass-Festival International du Film Scolaire et Universitaire
  • HUFS Empty-hour Short Film Festival
  • 2nd Imagination Film Festival 
  • 10th Busan Peace Film Festival: 10th Anniversary Peace Film section
  • 1st Beautiful Hapcheon Independent Film Festival
  • 2020 Green Film Festival
  • 2nd Swedish-Korean Film Festival
  • 1st Eunpyeong Salad-days Film Festival: Best Director


HD | color | 29′ 50″