Date:12월 27, 2015

<오명 Dishonor>

학생 둘을 데리고 가기 위해 선생님이 직접 버스를 몰고 수학여행지로 향한다. 터널 속에서 맞은 편에 오던 차가 큰 사고를 당하는데 학생 둘과 선생님의 진술이 엇갈리는 상황이 발생한다.

Out of other options, a teacher decides to drive himself and two students to the school field trip by bus. On the way there, a passing car gets into a serious accident inside a tunnel, but the testimonies by the teacher and the students of how it exactly happened do not coincide.


  • 20th Busan International Film Festival
  • 36th Blue Dragon Awards: Best Short Film Nomination
  • 17th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival
  • 3rd Pohang Fine Short Film Festival
  • 5th Gwangju Independent Film Festival
  • 18th Asiana International Short Film Festival: Special Screening


HD | color | 16′ 30″