Date:12월 27, 2015

<전학생 The Transfer Student>

전학가기 전 날, 수향은 학교 갈 준비를 한다.

On the day before transferring to a new school, Suhyang practices her accent to hide her origin.


  • 20th Busan International film festival
  • 2015 Gwangju Women’s film festival
  • 41th Seoul Independent film festival
  • 33th Busan International Short Film Festival
  • 7th Busan Peace Film Festival: 2nd Award
  • 27th Ankara International Film Festival
  • 13th Seoul International Sarang Film Festival: Audience Award
  • 3rd Pohang Fine Short Film Festival
  • 10th Great Short Film Festival: Special Screening
  • 10th Film Festival for Women’s Rights
  • 3rd Saram Saneun Sesang Film Festival: 3rd Prize
  • 46th Kyiv International Film Festival “Molodist”: In Competition 
  • Seong Dong Human Rights Film Festival
  • 3rd Swedish Korean Film Festival


HD | color | 22′ 48″