Date:12월 27, 2015

<방학숙제 A Little Day>

9살, 처음으로 집에 홀로 남겨진 날. 후덥지근한 여름공기가 코를 누르고, 다친 동생이 걱정되는 마음은 짙게 깔리는 어둠에 더욱 먹먹해진다.

9 years old, when first left home alone. Hot and humid air presses the nose, and feeling worried about his young brother fades into the thick darkness.

  • 36th Rencontres Henri Langlois International Film Schools Festival 
  • 24th Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival
  • 18th INDIEFORUM 
  • 15th Seoul International Youth Film Festival 
  • 11th  “Pacific Meridian”Vladivostok International Film Festival 
  • 11th Asiana International Short Film Festival 
  • Zinebi 55: International Film Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao
  • 11th Seoul International Sarang film festival
  • The Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival

HD | color | 11′ 28″