Date:12월 27, 2015

<집으로 오는 길 The Way Back>

시골에서 올라와 장기간 자신에게 얹혀 지내는 고모부를 부담스러워 하는 A. 늙고 연고 없는 노인은 안됐지만, 신체가 불편한 노인을 모시고 사는 것은 고역이다. 고모부가 지낼 곳을 알아보다 무연고 노인들에 대한 기사를 발견하는 A. 결국 그는 고모부에게 치매에 걸린 노인 연기를 해 무연고자로 시설에 들어갈 것을 제안한다. 밤새 고모부와 치매노인 연기 연습을 한 A. 비장한 마음으로 노인과 공원에 앉아 경찰들을 기다리는데…

The man is feeling burdened since his uncle is living off to him for a very long time. He feels very sad for the old and lonely man, but it is hard for him to take care of him. He looks for a place for his uncle to stay and by chance gets to read a article about old men. So he offers him to act as a dotard to enter the facilities for people with no friend and family. The man practices all night with his uncle. They wait in the park resolutely for the police to find him.

“A short film that reminds us of the classic films”

                                          -Kyung-Won SON, Film Critic

  • 10th Dubai International Film Festival: Special Jury Prize
  • 24th Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival
  • 36th Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival
  • 30th Busan International Short Film Festival: Fiction Award 
  • 12th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival: Best Drama Film Award 
  • 16th Shanghai International Film Festival: Best Film Award 
  • 12th International Student Film and Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy 
  • 11th Vladivostok International Film Festival “Pacific Meridian”
  • 37th São Paulo International Short Film Festival 
  • 8th London Korean Film Festival 
  • Geneva International Film Festival 
  • The seventh session of the Short Film Festival in Tissa 
  • 11th Seoul International Agape film festival 
  • Aichi International Women’s Film Festival 
  • Mexico Short Shorts Film Fest: Special Mention from juries 
  • Seoul international senior film festival 
  • 23rd Sequence short-film Festival 
  • 7th Citizens Hall Film Festival


HD | color | 23′ 08″