Date:2월 02, 2024

<시선정 Si Sunjeong>

연출 | 김혜지
출연 | 박소연 손지형 박희철 김유한

대학교 졸업 전시를 앞둔 선정은 작가명 제출을 앞두고 머리가 복잡해진다. 새 아빠와 동생, 엄마와 보내는 평범한 일상 속에, 스무살이 되면 이름을 바꾸자던 엄마와의 약속이 떠오른다.

As Sunjeong prepares for her university graduation exhibition, she has complicated thoughts when she is asked to submit her artist name. In the midst of an ordinary day with her stepfather, brother and mother, she remembers her mother’s promise that she would change her last name when she turned 20. The film is based on the director’s own family and experiences.

HD | color | 28′ 05″