Date:12월 06, 2023

<르네상스 주공아파트 The Rep.>

연출 | 신수환
출연 | 임호준 정수지


익선은 20년 근무한 회사에서 밀려나는 처지에 있다. 동대표로서 재건축을 완수시키는 것이 그의 유일한 목표. 그러나 출장에서 복귀한 익선은 재건축 분위기를 흉흉하게 만들고 다닌다는 403호 세입자 ‘송마들’에 관한 얘기를 듣는다.

In South Korean society, an apartment is not just a place to live, but a symbol of its owner’s wealth and social class. Therefore, the rise in apartment prices due to redevelopment is seen by the middle class as a desperate way to increase their wealth and move up the social ladder.
Ik-seon, a middle-aged man, is being forced out of the company he has worked for for 20 years. Now, as the representative of the apartment building, his only remaining goal is to see the redevelopment project through. But when he returns from a business trip, Ik-seon hears about a tenant in apartment 403 who is proving to be a nuisance.


HD | color | 29′ 55″