Date:12월 06, 2023

<쎄이 썸띵 Say Something>

연출 | 오지인
출연 | 강하나, Hank Austin, Grayson LEE, Philip Estrera

갓 미국에 온 예은. 언어가 통하지 않는 교회 오빠의 이목을 끌기 위해 가짜 방언을 연습한다.

Fresh from Seoul, a teen girl struggles to find connection in her new home until she sees the church band’s floppy-haired drummer and strikes up a daring idea to get his attention.

  • 41st CAAMFest
  • 15th Great Short Film Festival: Best Director, Audience Choice: Best Picture, Best Poster
  • 43rd Hawai’i International Film Festival
  • 42nd San Diego Asian Film Festival
  • 6th Tide Film Festival

Digital | color | 12′ 59″