Date:1월 02, 2023

<정옥 JungOk>

연출 | 유지민
출연 | 이현 김진구 김보민

폐경의 시작으로 갱년기를 보내고 있던 전업주부 정옥은 더 이상 필요 없어진 생리대를 정리하기 위해 당근마켓 거래를 나갔다가 한 소녀를 만나게 된다.

Jungok, a housewife who suffers from menopausal symptoms after her period stops, sells her unused sanitary pads on an online trading platform. On the day of the trade, she meets a young girl.


  • 5th The East Film Festival
  • 16th Film Festival for Women’s rights
  • 15th Great Short Film Festival: Golden Crown Award, Best Actress award
  • 12th Wonju Women’s Film Festival
  • 1st Namdo Film Festival
  • 23rd Jeonbuk Independent Film Festival
  • 2023 University Film Festival of Korea
  • 12nd Daegu Women’s Film Festival
  • 19th Osaka Asian Film Festival


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