Date:5월 29, 2022

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30년 평생 가족과 오래된 아파트에서 산 성숙. 예술인 주택에 합격해 지긋지긋한 집을 떠날 수 있게 돼 최고의 집으로 꾸미고 싶은데, 수중에는 128만원 뿐…

성숙은 과연 128만원으로 최고의 집을 꾸밀 수 있을까?

Seong-sook has been living with her family in an old apartment for 30 years. When she wins a place in a new housing project for artists, she can finally break out of her old house and move into a place of her own. She wants to furnish her new apartment as nicely as possible, but barely has enough money for the moving expenses. Seong-sook sets out to sort out her financial situation.


  • 23rd Daegu Independent Short Film Festival
  • 11st Wonju Women’s Film Festival
  • 2nd Daecheongho Green Film Festival: Eco Film Award


HD | color | 17′ 44″