Date:2월 08, 2022

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1995년 화원여자기술학원. 서리는 이곳에 있었던 화재와 유림에 대해 이야기한다. 그토록 불을 두려워했지만 기어코 불을 보고자 했던 소녀에 대해.

The film begins with a girl’s narration of a story about the fire that broke out at an institute for girls and a girl named Yurim. Yurim was particularly afraid of fire but was determined to start one. Based on the true story which took place in 1995—forgotten in most people’s memories despite dozens of casualties.


  • 23rd Jeonju International Film Festival: “Watcha´s Pick: Short” Prize
  • 4th Pyeongchang International Peace Film Festival
  • Summer Pride Cinema 2022
  • 24th Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival
  • 9th Mokpo National Road 1 Independent Film Festival
  • 8th Chinese Korean Short Film Festival
  • 23rd Daegu Independent Short Film Festival: Grand Prix
  • 6th Wonju Rooftop Film Festival
  • 13th Busan Peace Film Festival
  • 7th Chungmuro Film Festival-Director’s Week: Best Film, Best Cinematography
  • 72nd Montecatini International Short Film Festival
  • 17th London Korean Film Festival
  • 2nd Geumcheon Fashion Film Festival: Grand Prix
  • 14th Great Short Film Festival: Golden Crown Award
  • 5th Gimpo International Youth Film Festival: Encourage Award
  • 12th Seoul International PRIDE Film Festival
  • 48th Seoul Independent Film Festival
  • 43rd Blue Dragon Award: Best Short Film
  • 21st Florence Korea Film Festival
  • Les Nuits en Or
  • 6th Ulsan Short Film Festival
  • 27th Fantasia International Film Festival
  • 1st Eunpyeong Salad-days Film Festival


HD | color | 19′ 10″