Date:2월 08, 2022

<언니에게 To my Unnie>

음악과 흡연에 취해 자유롭게 살던 연우. 피 멍이 든 채 찾아온 어린 동생 다온으로 인해 애써 외면하던 것들을 마주하게 된다.

*Unnie: Korean word used by females for addressing an elder sister

Yeon is a free spirit basking in music and smoking. When her little sister Daon comes her way with bruises all over, Yeon must face what she had tried to look away from.


  • 26th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
  • 18th Incheon Women’s Film Festival
  • 18th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival
  • 2022 Gwangmyeong Women’s Rights Film Festival
  • 3rd Beautiful Hapcheon Independent Film Festival
  • 7th Chungmuro Film Festival-Director’s Week
  • 2nd Geonneot Maeul Film Festival
  • 21st Florence Korea Film Festival
  • 4th GUJI Film Festival
  • 10th Mokpo National Road 1 Independent Film Festival
  • 16th Film Festival for Women’s rights: FIWOM award
  • New Delhi Korean Film Festival 2023


HD | color | 20′ 47″