Date:7월 26, 2021

<국가유공자 Man of National Merit>

국가유공자 영춘의 생애 마지막 꿈은 호국원에 묻히는 것이다. 하지만 국가는 그에게 묻힐 땅을 허락하지 않는다.

The lifelong dream of Yeongchun, a Korean war veteran, is to be buried in the National Cemetery. But the nation he fought for is unwilling to give him that honor. Inspired by a true story from the director’s family.


  • 3rd Pyeongchang International Peace Film Festival: Jury Prize
  • 22nd Daegu Independent Short Film Festival
  • 2nd Beautiful Hapcheon Independent Film Festival: Grand Prix
  • 47th Seoul Independent Film Festival
  • 1st Destroying the barrier Film Festival
  • 3rd Swedish Korean Film Festival
  • 13th ONE Country ONE Film International Festival


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