Date:1월 20, 2021

<밥상행사 Dinner Ceremony>

하루 저녁 밥상이 차려지고 치워지는 과정에서 일어나는 이야기.

유정은 완벽한 밥상을 시간 맞춰 내놓기 위해 정신없는 엄마를 보고 복잡한 감정이 인다. 가족들은 모두 이 밥상을 불편 없이 편안하게 즐기고 있는 것일까? 이대로 괜찮은 것일까? 유정은 이 밥상이 불편하기만 하다. 어디서부터 풀어야 할지 알 수 없고 여력도 없다.

A story over the course of dinner, as it gets prepared and cleaned after.

Yu-jung feels complicated emotions as she studies her mother hustling about to prepare dinner on time. Is every member of her family enjoying the dinner without any discomfort? Is this okay to go on? Seated at the dinner table, Yu-jung feels uncomfortable. But she can’t figure out what to do about it nor has the room for it.


  • Ulsan International Film Festival
  • 10th Wonju Women’s Film Festival
  • 8th Busan Women’s Film Festival
  • 7th Seoul International Food Film Festival
  • 3rd Nonviolent Film Festival
  • 2022 Dobong-gu Gender Equality Film Festival
  • 16th Anyang Women’s Right Film Festival


HD | color | 25′ 46″