Date:1월 20, 2021

<정릉의 새벽 Daybreak>

군대에서 외박을 나와 연인인 새벽을 만나기 위해 위수지역을 이탈하는 효일, 설레는 마음을 품고 새벽을 만나지만 데이트는 예상 밖으로 흘러가고 효일은 결국 정릉에서 갈 곳을 잃는다.

In Korea, all men are obligated to serve in the military for about two years in their 20s.

A young soldier decides to break the permitted boundary on his night out, to meet his lover. But his date doesn’t go as planned, and he finds himself lost in “Jeongneung”, one of the oldest towns in Seoul.


  • 17th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival
  • 14th La Cabina International Film Festival: Best Main Interpretation


HD | color | 39′ 56″