Date:1월 20, 2021

<여담들 Digressions>

휘종은 일할 곳을 잃었고, 예은은 연인을 잃었다. 그 단상의 기록을 바탕으로 끊임없이 길을 바꾸어 가는 영화.

The boy lost a place to stay at. The girl lost alover. We took sentences out of real diaries and recreated the scenes with acamera and actors, creating a fictionalized reality based on the documentation of mundane life. Originally part of a multi-channel exhibition, these scenes were projected to huge silent screens before being weaved into this short film, capturing a glimpse of a generation in Seoul.


  • 21st Jeonju International Film Festival
  • 4th Heyri Cinémathèqu International Short Film Festival
  • 21st Jeonbuk Independent Film Festival
  • 14th Gyeongnam Independent Film Festival
  • 2023 HBC International Short Film Festival


HD | color | 25′ 07″