Date:1월 20, 2021


재수 학원을 다니는 동구는 수능 전 마지막 모의고사를 망치고 심란한 마음이다. 친구 진원은 하루종일 눈치가 없고, 홧김에 자신을 기다려주는 대학생 여자친구 혜진이에게 헤어지자고 말한다. 동구는 갑갑함을 느낀다.

The yearly college entrance exam in Korea is a life-changing event for young Koreans. In order to get into the university of their dream, some students even retake the exam multiple times after graduating high school, attending academies specialized for the exam. Some of these academies even close their shutters to separate the students from the outside, under the pretext of helping them focus.

Dong-gu attends one of these academies where he just failed the last one of the mock tests. Inside the academy with the shutter closed, he feels suffocated.


HD | color | 22′ 40″