Date:2월 14, 2020

<보글보글 Bubbles>

오랜만에 재회한 영서와 두민은 외딴 강변에서 만나 곧 낚시를 시작한다.

Two lovers are reunited after a long time for a game of fishing; whoever catches a fish first get to put an item full of their memories into a box. When the box is nearly filled with love letters and even a toast machine, it is time for them to face ‘something they have to take care of.’


  • 21st Daegu Independent Short Film Festival
  • 18th Asiana International Short Film Festival
  • 3rd Gimpo Youth Film Festival
  • 2021 University Student Short Film Festival with GIFF: Excellence award
  • Global University Film Awards 2022


HD | color | 16′ 35″