Date:1월 22, 2020

<승부차기 Penalty Shoot-out>

신입사원이 된 소혜는 페널티킥을 알려달라며 10년지기 친구 윤호를 운동장으로 불러낸다. 그리고 소혜는 윤호에게 승부차기 내기를 하자고 제안한다.

So-Hye and Yoon-Ho have been friends for ten years. After landing a job, So-Hye invites Yoon-Ho out to a playground to ask him to teach her how to shoot a ball. Soon, it turns out to be a serious shoot-out match and their prolonged friendship is at crisis.


  • 9th Gwangju Independent Film Festival
  • TOMIRIS International Students Film Festival


HD | color | 23′ 13″